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Patagonia South America

The Patagonia region of South America is known for it’s desolate wide open plains, granite peaks, glaciers, rivers, and extreme weather conditions. Patagonia has the fewest number of inhabitants, and is located in the most southern reaches of the continent shared by Chile, and Argentina.

I flew from Buenos Aires to El Calafate, and slowly made my way down via bus through Torres Del Paine, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, and Ushuaia.

Torres Del Paine, Chile



Eating lots of Calafate berries. Myth says if you eat this fruit, you will return to Patagonia

My favorite part was hanging out with new friends cooking in the kitchen!


Puerto Natales, Chile


Ushuaia, Argentina

Border crossing from Chile into Argentina. Our bus takes a car-ferry across the channel. It was an 11 hour bus ride from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, and it’s a great way to see the southern most region of Patagonia.






Most southern post office in Patagonia




Kalma Resto -Cocina de Autor

Locally sourced from the Beagle Channel, Pacific Ocean, and Fuegian region. Trout, Fuegian King Crab, Salmon Ceviche, Patagonian Salt…

My favorite seafood meal in South America so far. Thank you Chef Jorge Monopoli and staff for an exquisite dining experience. Many thanks for your gift! Can’t wait to use it.


Paso Garibaldi resto bar –¬†Local Fuegian King Crab and Prawn Risotto


Buenos Aires, Argentina Cuisine

This city is truly the Paris of South America, and is absolutely beautiful.

Empanadas, Cazuelas, and lots of Beef! Oh and some Taiwanese street food.

La Carniceria РParilla & Ahumados РBest steak dinner I experienced in Buenos Aires. Blood Sausage, Sweet Breads, Cabbage, 26oz Bone-in Rib-Eye, and Flan. A must try place!