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Austria – Vienna & The Alps

Vienna is the capital, and home to past residents of Mozart, and Beethoven. The city was shaped by intellectuals of music, fine arts, and home to worlds first psycho analyst Sigmund Freud.

Vienna is rich in architecture, culinary, music, and offers a high quality of life.

My friend Vicky who is born in Austria brought me on the greatest tour of her country. From the city of Vienna to the Alps; filled with history, culture, and the best home made foods I could imagine . Special thanks to her and her warm family for welcoming me into their home.

We went foraging for Chanterelle Mushrooms, and was a dream come true to incorporate our freshly picked mushrooms into home cooking. We made a traditional Austrian dumpling with Chanterelle cream sauce. It was delicious!

I experienced sailing for the first time in Attersee. My friend’s dad took us out on his Dragon class sailboat, which is over 50 years old and restored. It was a blast sailing around the beautiful tourquiose lake, catching wind. First lesson on how to steer the boat.

Took a visit to the Red bull Hanger 7

Went canyoning, which involves jumping off rocks into water through a canyon

Incredible local artisinal food is commonly found, where you can find fresh bread, cheese, cured meats, fish, poultry, beef, and pork.

This place has so much to see and do, especially around outdoor activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, skiing, and loads of hiking. It is an outdoor heaven, and would need a few months to absorb it all. Will definitely come back!